Ancient Sounds From American Heritage

California Fife Music is the company of professional flautist Christopher Nawojczyk. Chris has performed military fife and drum music for over 20 years, growing up in Massachusetts and reenacting the American War for Independence in Lexington and Concord. Chris is a historian who upholds our nation’s founding ideologies just as much as he loves his musical gift. He also plays Scottish flute and performs Irish and Celtic traditional music along with the fife. His specialty though is early European fife music from the 18th Century. He also enjoys playing Classical music arrangements by his favorite composers, Handel and Bach.

Fife Campaigns

I perform fife concerts for both public and private venues, and often play at historic landmarks for both adversing and enjoyment. Currently I live in San Diego County, and love playing down by the USS Midway at the Kissing Statue. You can find me under the tree with my “13 stars” Betsy Ross flag from 1776.

Chris Nawojczyk playing the fife in San Diego, California, by the USS Midway and Kissing Statue. He stands with the Betsy Ross (13 stars) flag) to celebrate American heritage.
Chris Nawojczyk playing fife at San Diego Sunset Concert. Image by John Pryor.

Though I started playing in Boston I enjoy performing and doing gigs here in California. I moved here originally during late 2016 to attend another law school. I had completed a year in Boston, but decided to move out here on an adventure. Though I am working to finish my JD, I am an entrepreneur at heart—and I really love playing the fife. Being gifted in music and having the ability to play the fife wherever I go is surely a blessing indeed. It brings healing and restoration to my soul, and cognitive stimulation to my brain, in addition to the service I provide to others.

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