Scottish Flute

In addition to playing European military fife from the Age of Enlightenment, I also play Celtic music on my Ormiston Scottish flute. I have been playing Celtic music from Scotland and Ireland for about as long as I have played the fife. Unlike the fife, which is in B- (flat), the Scottish flute is keyed in D—as is the case of traditional Irish and Scottish music.

I have played with many prominent Celtic musicians around the pubs and sessions of Boston and Cape Cod, Massachusetts. My favorite Irish flute musician—and one who I have personally taken after as a distant mentor—is Matt Molloy. Matt is started out playing the fife in Ireland as a child (like me) and found he has a special gift in music. He has played with famous Irish groups such as the Bothy Band and The Chieftains.

Thus, Matt Molloy’s flute music resonates uniquely with me. For whatever high reason, I took a personal liking to his Sligo flute style, which often embellishes trills and slurs (a very free spirited form of Celtic flute music). I am drawn to certain musicians and types of music, partly because it’s of my blood and ancestral heritage, but also because of some higher spiritual purpose which I cannot understand.

Out here in California the Irish and Celtic music sessions are far and few. I would like to start an Irish session at a local pub in Southern California with at least one guitarist to start (to play backup). As part of my SEO and outreach in building this site, if you are reading this now and would like to contribute as a musician in starting a Celtic group out here, contact me.

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